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Sunday, 3 September 2006


Today is my 100th Post!  In honor of this, I am finally posting a 100 Things about Me. 



1.    Christine is my first name, but I mostly go by Chrissie or Chris - in the blog world I'm Chris-sea

2.    Marie is my 2nd name

3.    My Mom's name is Kathleen

4.    My mother's middle name is also Marie, or so we thought.  She recently discovered that her birth documents lists her middle name as Maria.

5.    I wonder if that means my middle name is Maria too?

6.    My father's name is/was Robert & his middle name is/was Frances

7.    I'm not sure if he is alive

8.    I am almost positive that he choosing to live as a homeless person in Hawaii

9.    I suppose if you were choosing to be a homeless person, Hawaii would be the place to do it

10.   The last time I physically saw my dad was in 1996

11.   We used to be very close

12.   We did not have any sort of falling out, he just hasn't gotten in touch

13.   I was conceived in Florida

14.   My daughter was also conceived in Florida

15.   I was born in 1968

16.   I was born in March & am an Aries

17.   I was born at Paris Island, during my Dad's marine boot camp - he left for Vietnam shortly thereafter

18.   I am mostly Irish

19.   My family names on my Dad's side are Bryant & Farrell

20.   My family names on my Mom's side are Wentzell & Redman

21.   I guess Wentzell would be the only portion of me that is not Irish

22.   I grew up on the South Shore of Massachusetts - 1/2 way between Boston and Cape Cod.

23.   We lived and spent much time at the ocean

24.   I think I've spent more time in my Mom's hometown than I did in my own

25.   I currently live in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia

26.   The town I live in is literally a "one stop light" town

27.   I love both Virginia and Massachusetts, equally

28.  My ideal would be to be able to have a home at both places and  I have complete faith that one day this will be the case

29.   I have strawberry blond hair which is turning more red as I get older

30.   Boston is my favorite city

31.   San Francisco is my 2nd favorite city

32.   I once served pop-corn to Jerry Garcia  -  I was working at a movie theater in SF and he was seeing Good Morning Vietnam

33.  This was my closest brush with fame

34.   Except for the fact that I was once a radio DJ and had my own radio show

35.   My step fathers name is Ozzy

36.   I have three sisters

37.   My sisters are the most special thing in my life (with the exception of my daughter, of course)

38.   I have three nieces and one nephew (so far)

39.   My first niece was born the day after my birthday - she is also an "Aries" like me

40.   I gave birth, to Samantha, naturally, in 1993, when I was 25 years old

41.   My mother and my sisters were with me and video taped my daughters birth

42.   I am a single mom, but am ok with that, although it isn't easy on the pocketbook

43.   Unfortunately, I get no child support

44.    My daughter will officially be a "teen" in 2 months & 23 days - I find it very hard to believe due to the fact that it feels like yesterday

45.   My boyfriends name is Kevin  

46.   Kevin is a Taurus

47.  Taurus is a Bull & Aries is a Ram =  a very interesting relationship

48.   Both my Mom's husbands were also Taurus

49.   My Mom is one of nine children - To me they feel more like my brothers & sisters than my aunts & uncles -  I lived amongst them

50.   I spent every weekend of my childhood at my grandmothers while my mother waitressed

51.   I was the first grandchild and for 9 years the only grandchild

52.   I now have 19 cousins & a few 2nd cousins

53.   My God mother's name is Sherry

54.  My God father's name was Ricky - he died of a drug overdose when I was about 6 years old

55.   I have moved residences approximately 40 times since I was 18 years old (20 years)

56.   I have never owned my own home

57.   I smoke cigarettes

58.   I am liberal and consider myself a democrat

59.  I am friendly and a "people person"

60.  My favorite hobby is my cross-stitch - I am currently working on a project for my daughters new bedroom and for our new house

61.   I collect record albums -  I have all my Mom's albums from the 60's & 70's and my albums from the 80's - a collection that is literally waist high

62.   I need a needle for my turntable so I can listen to said albums

63.   My favorite movie is Gone with the Wind

64.  My Aries horoscope states that my personality is much like Scarlet O'Hara - I can totally see this

65.  I think I lived in another life during Civil War times

66.  I have also been told I am very similar to Drew Barrymore - I guess I can see that too

67.   I love to read, write and most recently blog

68.   Another favorite past-time is watching movies at home - but I don't much go to the theater

69.   We have three pets - a 6 month old German Shepherd and two kittens named Thunder & Lightning

70.  "The" was the name of my favorite pet.  He was named after "The Cat"   I had "The" for 15 years - he recently died / or went missing (long story, different day)

71.   Becky is my best friend - we grew up together in Massachusetts and she also chose to live here in Virginia  

72.   I work in Office Administration

73.   My favorite vacation spot is Disney - I could go there hundreds of times and never get tired of it

74.   I love to drink coffee

75.   I desperately miss Dunkin Donuts - which is on practically every corner in Massachusetts - but is not on every corner in Virginia

76.   Seafood is my favorite all time food

77.   I love casseroles of all types, too

78.   I don't like and never eat fruit

79.  I drink about a half gallon of milk daily, another one of my favorites

80.  I have RH negative blood

81.   In 1996 I almost died - the Doctors gave me a 20% chance of survival

82.   Colleen was my "next of kin" here in Virginia and she had to relay the bad news to my family

83.  I had a very rare strep pneumonia and had to have thoracic surgery - then I caught a secondary infection

84   I was in a coma

84.  I had some very surreal experiences while in my coma

85.  My hospital bill was $110,000 and I had no health insurance

86.   I ended up having to claim bankruptcy

87.    I have had numerous psychic & ghostly experiences

88.   I have never been married and probably never will be

89.  I was once given a cubic zirconium as a diamond engagement ring and was lead to believe it was a real diamond - I didn't find out the truth until I took it to the pawn shop and was told they would give me $10 for the gold  

90.  No matter how hard I try, I always seem to have "issues" with money - or I should say lack of money

91.   I truly believe this is the result of past life Karma

92.   I type 79 words per minute     

93.   I have a terrible fear of spiders

94.   As a youngster I was involved in lots of activities:  Drum & Bugle Corp, Dance, Drama, Basketball, Softball and was even one of the only girls on the Little League team

95.   Once I started high school I was just too cool for activities - which I do regret

96.   I partied a lot in my teens & early twenties but have since settled down quite a bit

97.   I believe everything happens for a reason

98.   I was home schooled during my 8th grade year

99.   I love my family more than anything in this world

100.  I am Thankful for everything I do have in life



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Updated: Sunday, 3 September 2006 5:58 PM EDT
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Sunday, 3 September 2006 - 8:10 PM EDT

Name: "Minerva"
Home Page:

Congratulations on your 100th post and great all about you post..Michele sent me today,



Sunday, 3 September 2006 - 9:12 PM EDT

Name: "Becky68"
Home Page:

Happy 100th post & it's about time you did 100 things! 

lol, not that I should talk, I'm about 20 things short myself!

Monday, 4 September 2006 - 9:42 AM EDT

Name: "anonymous"

These are great, Chris!  Now you should put them on your sidebar.  I did mine in 4 insallments, 25 at a time.   By the way, the doctor told me he didn't think you'd make it rather than 20%!  I didn't know they even did surgery.  

 It took me 3 tries to get the comment page.  I don't like that I can't minimize the message box so I can read the post again because I always forget what I wanted to comment on!!

Monday, 4 September 2006 - 1:44 PM EDT

Name: "mom"
Home Page:

I used this for my blog last night. ake a peek.

Wednesday, 6 September 2006 - 10:27 AM EDT

Name: "Janet"
Home Page:

Congrats on your 100th post!  Your list is very enlightening :-) Oh, and I read your Aunt Colleen's blog often...I'm also from MA and funnily enough did live in VA for a year and a half...but in the Hampton Roads area.  Did visit friends in Charlottesville often, tho!


oh, and hi, Michele sent me :-) 

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