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Monday, 25 August 2008
Anything is better than nothing!
Topic: Just Thoughts

Happy Monday morning! On Monday's I drive for the Auto Auction. Mondays at the Auction consists of parking the cars to be auctioned off as they are brought in by the sellers/dealers and then, after they are all parked, driving them into the bays for the actual sale. The Auctioneers are really neat to listen too and boy can they ramble.... and you really have to listen closely for your que to "drive it out" or "roll it out" (or whatever they feel like saying at the moment) as your signal to bring the car out of the bay and go get the next one.  It's kind of fun and cash money at the end of the day, which is always needed. It's not alot of money by any stretch of the imagination... only about 25 to 30 dollars for an afternoon, but "Anything is better than nothing"! It helps with my gas for the week (and in the case of this week, whatever groceries I can scrounge up too). 

It's been a rough three weeks because I've had to wait that long for my first paycheck, which will finally arrive on Friday (and is already spent, no less). I worked yesterday, and because it's the end of the VA Tech "move-in" week, it was completely dead and boring is an understatement. I'm a very independent, "do what I want as long as the work it done", employee and I've mostly been in job roles where this is the norm. It's real hard for me to conform to anything. I have to stand at a front desk and have to "pretend" that I'm busy, even though there isn't a stitch of work to do, not even busy work. My feet hurt so bad. Even though there is a stool there, you can't sit in it during "day shift", it's only for nights - does that make sense?  Make a person suffer....  It truly sucks. I love the work, when there are cusotmers, but I HATE the down time, which essentially was ALL DAY yesterday. Boy, did the day drag! In addition, I'm still not "on my own"; had I been, it would have been a little better....  but no.... so I have to make what I consider "pretend" small talk with the woman training me and for every customer that comes to the desk, she manages to snag, because she too is as bored as I am! I'm still sending resumes for another office position, my norm., but there isn't much out there right now and unless it's for the "big bucks" or something I would absolutely love, I'm not really into driving the 45 miles (each way) into the so called "city" in our area. Of course, this is where all the jobs are, so it's hard to win, either way. I am holding on, at the hotel, until something else materializes! Anything is better than nothing!

We didn't have much luck selling the cookie dough the other day. It's kind of expensive, 15.00 a box, and my neighborhood is not exactally an affluent area. It's also close to the beginning of the month and most people are ready to pay those monthly bills again, with nothing left to spare. The plan for this evening is when I pick Sami up from cheerleading, we are going to try some of the neighborhoods between the school and where we live. Hopefully we will have better luck. So far, our only orders are from my family members, 6 boxes, 34 more to sell. The only downfall with the family orders.... I will have to ship them to Massachusetts. That's ok though because when the cookie dough finally comes in, I won't be as financially hurting as I am now. Thank you to all who bought so far, At least we sold some...

"Anything is better than nothing", is truly my motto this month!

Posted by chrisseas-corner at 9:37 AM EDT
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Monday, 25 August 2008 - 6:53 PM EDT

Name: "gemma"
Home Page:

You are having quite a time.  I hope it all turns around for you..


Michele sent me.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008 - 12:22 PM EDT

Name: "mOM"

I used to have to go to other neighborhoods when I was a kid to sell stuff for the CYO (this gave us money for the trips).

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