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Tuesday, 30 September 2008
How Cool is This?!?
Topic: Family n Friends

My uncle Johnny caught this whopper of a Bass right of the shore of Hull, Massachusetts ~ aka: Nantasket! Anyone who's been to Hull should immediately recognize the condo's in the background, making me think it was taken somewhere in the bay, down near the gutt - but I'm not positive. Johnny is a fisherman by trade, but is currently lobstering for a living. He caught this on his day off, when the weather wasn't right for lobstering. Apparently it was good weather for fishing though!

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Monday, 15 September 2008
Topic: Family n Friends

I had a dream last night ~ but don't remember it clearly. I do remember saying to someone "Oh, I can blog about that..."  but the more I try to figure out what it was, the foggier the memory becomes. It was one of those dreams that you have to think deeply on whether it really happened, or if it was in fact a dream. I've concluded it must have been, because now I can't remember what I was refering to (if it was real).  Funny how hard it is, at times, to find things to write about and then other times it just comes so naturally. I wonder if that is what writers block is all about. 

This morning, after looking over all the available jobs and sending a few resumes, my Mom sent a beautiful picture of the rug she just finished. Hey, I thought, I can blog about the rug. It's just so pretty and really should be shown! AWESOME, huh?

Mom's big dream is to one day open a rug shop; selling rugs, rug supplies, and other crafts. It's not really that far-fetched a dream, considering she is already giving rug hooking lessons; my sister Beth is a seamstress doing alterations out of her home and quilts like you've never seen; and myself and another of my sisters, Molly, create cross-stitch masterpieces. Between all of us, we should be able to create a shop that "won't stop" ~ but it hasn't yet materialized. Mom also plans to create a rug blog, sometime soon.  

This is also my "Close-up" (even though Mom took the photo's) for Carmi's Photographic Theme this week!

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Updated: Monday, 15 September 2008 1:57 PM EDT
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Monday, 28 August 2006
I suppose it must....
Topic: Family n Friends

This weekend went by pretty quickly.  Sam spent most of her hours in the pool @ Kevin's and I just basically hung out.  Nothing all that eventful.  I did get a chance see my aunt Colleen talk at the Roanoke Valley Bookfest bookfair.  Colleen wrote The Jim and Dan Stories and is famous in my families eyes, as well as locally.  Colleen was on a panel of five local authors who spoke for about 15 minutes each.  I had known she was going to be in the fair, but with everything on my mind, it had slipped right through the cracks. 

Saturday, while checking my emails, I was reminded of it.  Ironically, Kevin's room is right next door to the library and I only had to take about 25 steps and I was there.  One of those rare, but cool, coincidences in life that worked out pleasantly well.  Because I'm in Virginia, and yes originally because of Colleen, it still feels a little strange to me when I bump into her.  My family is all in Massachusetts and there is kind of a funny feeling when we see eachother because we both live here, together, in the same little small town, yet separate.  

At the end of the bookfair session I had planned on making a comical little comment from the audience.  I was going to raise my hand during the question and answer session and mention that she looked an awful lot like my mother..... which she does....  but unfortunately I had to leave a few minutes early because a few of the speakers overspoke their time-limits.  Although I didn't get to say goodbye, I did see her coming out of the library later and Col was able to snap this excellent shot of my daughter.  And yes... that is me peeking around the edge!  

Kevin got one of Colleen's bookmarks that the library had made in honor of the event!  I have a famous aunt! 

Another cool thing happened this weekend too, at the very end of it.  At about 8:00 pm last night, I got a call that we did get that "meant to be"  farmhouse that I was telling you about in my last entry!  The house will be ready for us on the 15th and now we just have to make it happen financially!  Please keep positive thoughts that we are going to be able to make this work!              

Posted by chrisseas-corner at 2:18 PM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 13 December 2006 11:04 AM EST
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