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Wednesday, 17 September 2008
TT today = Tangible Talent!
Topic: 13 Thursday

Thirteen photo's of the tangible talent with-in my family! 

My sister Beth is quite a quilter, not to mention a seamstress / alterator (not an alternator, or an alligator - yes, I said an alterator). She is very talented and full of Love ~ which shows in her work!  Beth has managed to do a wonderful job of providing for herself doing something she loves! Below is just "some" of her quilting work. I was originally going to choose just one, but they were all so pretty, it was too hard to choose, so I created my 13 to show you more.

I've also included some of my cross-stitch creations (plus a few other "artistic" works that I happened to have on hand)!

Without further ado: Here's creativity from our clan! I'm proud to be part of it and hope you enjoy....  














3.  This one I made for my sister Molly







4.  This one I made for Mom







5.  Another of Mom's hooked rugs (see post from earlier in the week for another view of her works).






















Samantha made this one, at the age of just 12. She was taught by my Mom & they work together on them when Samantha visits Mass. This one is of our kitty, that died after 16 years of being with us. She drew it herself even! It's now complete, but I couldn't find the completed photo. Sam is now working on another, a beautiful red rose that she started on one of her last trips home to Nana's ~ although, the schoolwork & cheerleading doesn't leave much time for it lately.





9.   This one I made for Samantha











10.  Colleen's son









11.  My Aunt, Colleen, the writer!









12.  How do you pick just one?









13.  I made this for Beth






And lastily a bonus photo of a cross-stitch I stitched for my God-Mom, Sherry.










PS. If anyone's interested in learning more about any of the above talents; to buy, learn, or just chit-chat... comment and I'll email you back.

PSS. I didn't hesitate to make my coffee first thing this morning... just in case that water went off again!  HAPPY TT TO ALL!

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Thursday, 4 September 2008
Thirteen things I've learned since my last 13
Topic: 13 Thursday

1. My last 13 Thursday was done on my 40th birthday. I enjoy playing 13, but don't have near enough time to give it the justice I should. I do wish I could be more faithful to it.

2.  Life isn't necessarily always going to be a bowl of cherries - It's sometimes the pits. It helps to be the bowl, or at least have a bowl!

3.  A GREAT job that you truly LOVE is very hard to come by. I've been lucky, up till now, in my pursuit of job happiness... or maybe I just love work?

4.  People abuse the system so much that when you truly need help and assistance, it's most of the time not there.

5.  I have two vistors: one from Cary, NC & one from San Jose, CA. Both visit regularly and I have no idea who they are. Care to comment?

6.  Blood is definately thicker than water, friendships Rock and Love is what's important!

7.  Time flies when your having fun. Time flies even when your not!

8.  There are two things in my life that I would never change! Can you guess what they might be?

9.  Worrying doesn't help because what is supposed to happen, will. BUT... things would be much easier if you knew, in advance, what that will will be!

10. Samantha and I can sell the hell out of cookie dough!

11. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do for survival!

12. I can escape, with books! But, is that a good thing? It could be worse, I guess.

13. Yesterday was Wednesday and I thought it was Thursday... a funny little moment, as you'll read below.

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Thursday, 20 December 2007
13 Goings On
Topic: 13 Thursday

1.  F O R D

2. I don't have a Ford but my car can be now Found On Road Dead!  It's kaput, I do believe.

3. We had thought it was the distributor acting up again but the cam, which turns the distributor and is a very active part of the engine, is not spinning at all.  I've pretty much given up on it. 

4. Becky shown here:


and read here has been my saving grace. Because we work close to the same hours, she has allowed me to drop her off at work and take her car to work all week.  A very grateful THANK YOU to Becky!  


5. Becky has also agreed to share in the experience of driving to Richmond to get Samantha to the Amtrak station for her Christmas trip to her Nana's house. 

6. We leave at 3 a.m. tonight (well actually tomorrow morning). Sami's train leaves at 8 a.m.  It's a good 3 1/2 hour trip and because she is an "unaccompanied minor" she has to be there an hour early to be interviewed, so they can be sure she is mentally "fit" to travel unaccompanied. 

7. Next year she will be considered an adult - 15 - for traveling purposes, which I won't like because I love the security required when she travels as a minor.

8. In addtion to being interviewed, any unaccompanied minor has to wear a special bracelet, sit in a special area near the conductor, must travel during daylight hours, can not take a train that requires a train change or a layover and the person picking the child up must be the person stated when the child was dropped off and an ID must be shown. Sami loves to travel on the train and I feel pretty secure letting her.

9. As for the car, or my lack thereof, Becky is off on Fridays and Saturdays, so this weekend I'm kind of at a loss as to how I am going to get back and forth. I might get a cheap motel and stay downtown or I might stay with a friend.  The motel would be much more comfortable - but obviously more costly... so I'm not quite sure which I will do yet. 

10. All I know for sure, at this point, is I have to be here at work Saturday morning and Sunday morning, so there isn't much sense in getting rides back and forth to home, which is about a 45 minute drive each way.

11. I own an Accura Legend, which has been parked at Becky's since I left her house a few years ago, but I don't have the title to it.  I do plan to try and get it road worthy though.  I don't have many other options at this point. 

12. I went to the DMV today and got paperwork to file the car as abandoned, which it kind of is, per say. It will also need some maintenance to get it up and running again, just due to the amount of time it has sat not being used.  It has flat tires (just a loss of air) and the battery is dead, so Monday I plan on doing some maintenance to it.  I hope everything pulls together as it should.  It's no fun being transportationless!  With Christmas on Tuesday, I obviously won't be messing with the car - so I guess I'll stay home and relax.

13. Not a very exciting Christmas, I must say, but with everything going on, I'm actually releaved that I have no commitments this year.

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Thursday, 13 September 2007
13 minus 5 equals 8
Topic: 13 Thursday

Sometimes I have trouble trying to decide what I want to write about.  I hate for my blog to always be "just the mundane doings of my life".  I want to have interesting stuff out here too. 

This post was originally going to be a 13 Thursday but I only got to eight before I got tired of working and decided to head home - so here' my 8 Thursday! 

The Goings on in my neck of the woods! 

1.  Local bank robbery

A bank was robbed Wednesday afternoon by a well-dressed man with a note.  This happened on Electric Road, right near Cave Springs, one of the "better" parts of Roanoke.  The man who wore dark pants, a white dress shirt and a floral tie.  He gave the teller a note and demanded money, which he apparently got away with.  He fled with an undisclosed amount of cash.  So far, no arrests.......  

2.  Another baby was found Friday after being left in the car for hours and dies of heat stroke in Blacksburg.  Another forgetful mother????  Good god, I can't believe this happened again!  How?  I just don't get it.  How can you be so absolutely stupid, as well as ignore all the reports of previous cases! 

3.  School is in trouble for putting rat poison above the tiles in a local school.  How weird and why are there rats in a school to begin with.  Time to get a new school.  Ya think?

4.  Dave Matthews and John Mayer put on a concert at VA Tech last week.  I hadn't heard a word about it and am wondering where the heck I have been?  You can read about it above, but my aunts post about the event is slightly more interesting!

5.  I have never been to a VA Tech football game.  The band and fans apparently sing a little diddy called "Stick it in" and some people think it is offensive.  So... now it's banned.  Another thing banned because someones offended!  About 3500 people have joined a facebook group to salvage the song and it's tradition, which apparently is to sign when Tech's offense gets near the goal line.

6.  I would hate to be this guy....  A sheriff in Henry County is going to prison for 8 months for money laundering.  I would imagine he will have to be in protective custody.  Read all the articles about this sticky situation, including a witness dying and an investigation into foul play.

7.  I did the obituary for a man that was killed in a motorcycle accident last weekend.  I didn't know at the time the details of his death, except that he was young and from Falls Church and had just relocated to C-burg.  Sad.  Anyway, today I see that a Floyd man has been charged with his hit and run.  I do not know him but probablly know others that do.... 

8.  Why the "F" are they still sending kids into Iraq?

Oh and I just noticed today is the 13th - giving my 13 13 an extra 13!

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Thursday, 5 July 2007
Thirteen Thursday again?
Topic: 13 Thursday

1.  Wow...  it seems like everytime I get the itch to write a blog post it is a Thursday.  I just doesn't feel right to post on a Thursday, unless I do a 13. 

2.  Happy "belated" 4th of July, today being the 5th!  Having the 4th fall on Wednesday felt odd and was kind of a bummer.  it's really hard to get back into the swing of things.  I work Wednesdays through Sundays, so it wasn't as bad for me and I had a nice little mini vacation, but I feel for the people that had to work two days and then go back again for another two days.  Today is like another Monday for most and I observed a bunch of mentally work challenged people!

3.  I spent yesterday in my pond with a cooler of beer and sunshine.  Kevin brought his jeep down so we would have some music.  It was a nice relaxing, do nothing day.  I am still water logged!

4.  I fell asleep by 8 p.m., missing the fireworks that I nagged at Kevin to buy.  I truly am a lightweight these days!

5.  We have a dog named fish!  No not really, but my dog is a swimmer!  He loves the water!  He swims everywhere....  across the pond and then swims the whole perimeter.  Its quite amazing and kind of comical to watch.  I've never had a dog that enjoyed the water.  

6.  Samantha had told me that Toby had swam across the pond, but I didn't realize the extent with which he likes to swim.  He goes over his head, without a worry.  I now can see where the term "Doggie Paddle" came from. 

7.  I spent most of yesterday morning cleaning up my record albums.  They were out of their jackets and very unorganized.  My mother gave me all her albums from the 60's & 70's when I left home.  Low and behold, I'm looking at a Cat Stevens album and pull out this piece of cardboard from inside the jacket.  It has a note on it from one of my Mom's old boyfriends, telling how he was at a party with Cat Stevens and he went out on the balcony and smoked a joint with him.  At the end he signed it "Hope you and Chrissie are well...   Oh and by the way, here's an autographed photo for you."  Sure enough, in this cardboard is Cat's picture, signed "to Kathy from Cat" in black pen.  It's really cool and what a find!

 8.  Big Brother starts tonight.  I love having a DVR and can't wait to watch it!  I am a big fan of all things "reality"

9.   My bird has a bad habit.  We've always left the door open so he could come and go as he pleases.  His new thing is that he wants to land on my shoulder or my head anytime he see's me.  It was cute at first, but is now getting a little annoying, constantly having to duck away from the bird.  He'll land on me but when I bring him back to the cage, he knows I'm going to shut him in, so he flies away!  Funny how smart animals are!

10.  I will have my new cell phone next Tuesday, in case your wondering.

11.  Samantha is getting a little homesick.  She is having a great time but says she misses being home too.  She will be home on the 18th.  My mother and grandmother will also be visiting that week.  They are driving her home and coming to visit us and my aunt Colleen.

12.  Remember my bear story from last week?  My girlfriend Becky had the same experience a week later!  Is bear population increasing?

13.  Why can I never think of 13?  It never fails.

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Wednesday, 20 June 2007
Thirteen Train Tracks
Topic: 13 Thursday

 1.    I put my thirteen year old daughter, Samantha, on an Amtrak train yesterday.  She is going to visit her Nana and company for a month.  Did I mention that she is thirteen?


 2.    I woke up in the middle of the night and it took a minute to dawn on me why I didn’t see a sleeping Samantha.



 3.    When I woke this morning I was also a little unbalanced.  I feel like there is something that I need to be doing???? but in all reality there isn’t. 


 4.    It feels very strange to not be committed to anything... What can I do with my time?





 5.    This is Samantha’s 3rd year taking the Amtrak up to Boston. 

It’s a 10 hour trip.



 6.    We travel to Richmond to get her to the train, which is a 3.5 hour trip as well.  I love this picture of the Richmond tracks.




 7.    The first year she went I was very nervous, but each year gets easier.


 8. Amtrak has a wonderful “unaccompanied children” policy.  The child is interviewed to be sure they are mentally fit to travel alone, they have to wear a special bracelet, sit in a special area near the conductor, must travel during daylight hours, can not take a train that requires a lay over or a train switch and the person picking the child up must present valid I.D. before they release her.



 9.    The first year Sami made the trip she came home all excited because the conductor had let her announce all the upcoming stops over the intercom.



10.    Our dog, Toby, or I should say Sam’s dog, Toby, definitely noticed her absence.


11.    I didn’t know this:

Amtrak is owned by the federal government. The members of its board of directors are appointed by the President of the United States and are subject to confirmation by the Senate.  You learn something new everyday!




12.    When I was 18 I took the Amtrak from Virginia to San Francisco, stayed in San Francisco for two months and then traveled on to Boston.  The trip across country was a 3 day trip and yes it was a little grubby (no showers) but I had an absolute blast!  I traveled alone and saw so much.  I found this neat article from 1983 about the All Aboard America program.  I did the All Aboard America in 1987. 






13.    I miss you already Miss Samantha.  I hope your having an excellent time at Nana's!



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Thursday, 7 June 2007
Thirteen for a change
Topic: 13 Thursday

1.  My aunt Colleen, drives around shooting pictures of the number 13.  There is a tract of land between my house and Sami's school that has a big "Tract 13" sign.  I drove by many times thinking I should photograph it for one of my 13's but when my aunt picked Samantha up at school and took her home, she saw it too, and stole it before I could use it.....  You can read about it here.  

2.  The 13th page of my book starts like this: She shrugged and looked out the window and said "Phil was drinking."   and the 13th chapter of my book starts like this:  Simone Angeline's eyes were ringed with red on the other side of the chain and fresh tears welled in her sockets.  Oh and If you haven're read a Dennis Lehane book, you need to.... they are great!

3. There are traditionally thirteen steps leading up to a gallows.  However it's an urban myth that there are thirteen turns in a hangman's noose(there are most commonly eight turns.)

4. Thirteen is the Atomic number of aluminum.

5. Some theories of relativity state that there are 13 dimensions.

6.  The Thirteenth moon of Jupiter is called Elara.





7.  The Universe is thought to be 13.7 billion years old.

8.  The number 13 on a Hell's Angels biker patch or tattoo refers to the thirteenth letter of the alphabet, M, which signified their link with a motorcycle club (13th letter is M), not marajuana as many suspect.

9.  13 is considered so unlucky that the stalls at some racetracks don't have a 13, buildings often skip the 13th floor and go from 12 to 14 and in Scotland, there is no such thing as Terminal 13 in any of their airports.

10.  In Tarot decks the 13th card of the Major Arcana is Death.

11. According to Egytian Lore, 13 is the number of steps between life and death.

12. The Great Seal of the United States has:

  • 13 levels of the truncated pyramid,
  • 13 letters in "E Pluribus Unum", which appears in the banner running through the eagle's beak on the right side of the bill's reverse.
  • 13 letters in the phrase "Annuit Coeptis", which appears over the pyramid on the left side of the bill's reverse.
  • 13 stars above the Eagle,
  • 13 leaves on the olive branch,
  • 13 olives on the olive branch,
  • 13 arrows held by the Eagle, and
  • 13 bars on the shield.

13.  Friday the 13th!

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Friday, 19 January 2007
13 Reasons I am doing my 13 Thursday on Friday
Topic: 13 Thursday

1.  All Work & No Play

2.   I have a thirteen year old girl who lives on the computer, barely giving me a chance to get in here in the evenings.

3.  I have about 90 hours of shows taped on my DVR that I need to watch and wipe out

4.  I was staring at this most of the day


5.  I hung Samantha’s cross-stitch I made her for Christmas with a wall hanger wire and finally got it hanging on the wall!  How does it look?



6.  I also hung a new writing board she got from my sister for Christmas, a new shelf in her room for her bell collection and then Kevin and I helped her to install the entertainment center unit that she got for Christmas from him.   (which incidently looks much better than the rickety table she had her stuff previously balanced on)

7.  I started a new cross-stitch and I’m very into it!

8.  Samantha bought this little guy 


with Christmas money from her great Uncle John and I, of course, had to let him ride around on my shoulder while doing my household stuff.

9.  I washed all the quilts that we own because they didn’t smell that fresh after being in storage for so long & folded a mountain of laundry.

10.  I cooked Salmon, Cheese Scalloped Potatoes & carrots

11.  I finally finished my bathroom based on this inspiration:



Here's the rest of it:




12.  I also did my Bedroom (but not yesterday) and pictures will follow another day.

13.  Yes - I stayed up until about 3 a.m. and got 3 hours of sleep.  TGIF


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Thursday, 11 January 2007
1 3 Things that must be done this weekend!!!!
Topic: 13 Thursday


  1. Finish tune-up on the car
  2. Open presents with Kevin’s side of the family
  3. Clean out the room of boxes that I’ve still not unpacked (most of which if I haven’t touched by now I probably doen’t even need, but we’ll see)
  4. Put up my new medicine cabinet (can you believe neither bathroom has a medicine cabinet in it?)
  5. Christmas Thank you notes
  6. Clean out computer room
  7. Buy a computer desk of some sort
  8. Install Kevin’s computer where my new one is currently located & Set up my computer across the room from his
  9. Network them together
  10. My bedroom needs help
  11. Clean out my closets (I’ve got clothes in three different closets and they need to all be merged into my bedroom closet)
  12. Use my little Carpet Cleaner on the living room carpet to clean up the spills that have already accumulated
  13. Vacuum both sets of stairs

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Thursday, 14 December 2006
Christmas Spirit Stuff - 13
Topic: 13 Thursday


Thirteen Thursday #18 

  • We cut down our tree at a tree farm this year and had a great time doing it.   Samantha thought the tree's were too little.  They did look pretty small in the field but once we got our pick home it looked to be the perfect size.  Not that I was complaining because the Spruce we got was only 10.00 vs. 30.00 or 40.00 elsewhere.


  • Sami & I decorated the tree Sunday night.  It looks really pretty.  Below is my best picture of it.  A little snow falling in the window would make this "picture perfect"












  • Speaking of snow will we have a white Christmas?  Or how about any snow at all, for that matter!


  • Samantha's stocking is hung on an Apple hook in our dining room this year.  We have no mantle.


  • Next year I intend to invest in some new holiday decorations and ornaments.  Most of what I have is getting very old looking.  I will never get rid of my ornaments, as most are sentimental, but I wouldn't mind adding to my collection.


  • I am going home to Massachusetts for Christmas again this year.


  • One of the last times I made a trip home to Massachusetts, I flushed my keys down a rest area toilet.  True story.... read it here & here. 


  • Thursday night was Samantha's Christmas Chorus Concert.  The first Christmas Carol's I have heard this season! 


  • One of my favorite parts of the Concert, with the exception of my daughter being on stage, was the Swing Chior.  They sang Jingle Bell Rock and Santa Baby.  Everyone left the school singing these two catchy tunes! 


  • I almost have my shopping complete.  I am sending two boxes of gifts, in advance to Massachusetts, so I don't have to lug them with me this year.


  • I really would like to start my Christmas shopping earlier next year, like maybe in October, before the shops get too busy and run out of the "good stuff".  I should join a Christmas Club too.


  • I am still trying to do my Christmas cards, hopefully I'll get them completed and mailed before next Christmas.  I tend to procrastinate with such things... usualy I get my photo's developed a year later too.


  • My daughter told me the other day that she is glad she has young cousins, because she gets to "believe".  I remember feeling this way about having younger sisters too.  


And now.... This week I visited these 13 Blogs doing 13 Thursday:

1.   13 Items on Caylynn's Christmas Wish List

2.  Thirteen Blogs with Thrift/Crafting...something I am obsessively into lately. :-)

3.  13 Reasons to Vote For This Blog in the Weblog Awards

4.  Thirteen Things about SHE. Songs wearing out my iPod.

5.  Thursday Thirteen: Amazing But True Facts

6.  Thirteen ways I get inspiration for blog posts.

7.  Thirteen of My Favorite Christmas Tree Ornaments

8.  Internet Nostalgia

9.  Thirteen Fun Gifts From Archie McPhee

10.  13 Thursday: Do You Believe in Magic?

11.  13 Potential New Year's Resolutions!

12.  Thirteen Reason Why I Love J, My Boyfriend

13.  Thirteen Random Comments about Television Shows I Watch


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Wednesday, 29 November 2006
13 Snap Shots to make you Smile
Topic: 13 Thursday

     My 17th TT
















































































































































































Visit the 13 Hub  

My THIRTEEN Visits Today:

13 Thursday: Red and Ready to be Read

Thirteen Foods Featured at This Year's Party - and a bit of their history

13 of the most beautiful celebrity kids

13 Reasons I'm glad to be divorcing my Ex

Thirteen Shows I Watched as a Kid

"kick back - little thought" movies

Thirteen Random Pictures Inside My Home!

Thirteen Things I Would Buy If I Won The Lottery

13 things I need to do before Christmas

13 Scribbles from my Chaotic Mind

Thirteen Things I do when I'm revising.

Thirteen of my Favorite Books (in no particular order)

Thirteen Things about BLONDE CHICK

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Updated: Thursday, 30 November 2006 11:57 AM EST
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Thursday, 16 November 2006
13 What are you Watching? 13
Topic: 13 Thursday

Do you have a Digital Video Recorder - a DVR?  

I happen to think it is the best thing since sliced bread.  The first (or most popular) DVR (I think) was Tivo, but now all the satelite companies have them! 

I am a TV person! Being a person that loves TV, I am in love with my DVR.  It's all I ever needed, especially with life being so sapped for time. 

What is a A DVR you ask?  Well it is a hard drive built inside your satelite box.  The DVR records what you are watching Live and/or records anything you tell it to record.  For Instance:  You are watching Live TV, you can rewind or pause that live television show; you miss a part of a show or can't figure out what someone just said - skip back to it; you need to run to the bathroom or refridgerator - just pause it.  Or maybe you love a specific television series...  well you can set it to tape "all episodes" or "all new episodes (no repeats)" and you don't even have to look through the guide to find the episodes, it does it for you and automatically saves the show to your harddrive for future viewing.  And..... while you are watching something you have recorded, you can tape something else that is playing at the same time.  Not to mention that I very rarely have to watch commercials anymore.  (I wonder how the sponsors feel about that). 

So anyway.... my 13 list is up and it is

Thirteen Things currently on my DVR:


Blue Planet:  Seas of Life

Coasts education:  Breeding forces animals to come onto land; eagles; marine iguana's; Olive Ridley turtles; killer whales hunt sea lion pups; rock hopper penguins.






Four Dreams:  Allison's former lover takes up residence in the Dubois house following his death. 





The People's Court





The New Detectives

Silent Killers:  Police Search for the driver of an abandoned car; a woman searches for her 10 year old son.


Montel Williams

Woman share stories of survival after uncovering shocking truths about their husbands.



Law & Order - Special Victims Unit

Underbelly:  Stabler & Beck try to get a yong prostitute to testify against her pimp.




The Family that walks on all Fours:  Scientific implications of an impairment which causes an impoverished family in Turkey to walk on all fours. 



American Justice

A Warrant to Kill:  A deputy sheriff's dispute with a Texas woman ends in her death.



The Bachelor - Rome

Lorenzo takes the fianl three women to exotic dates in Sweden, Budapest & Sicily; one woman is sent home.



Seven Minutes to Midnight:  Peter asks Nathan to help him find a key to the future.



E True Hollywood Stories - Hip Hop Wives:  Woman married to hip hop artists.


Long Way Round - The Entire Series

The adventures of actors Ewan McGregor & Charley Boorman on their 3 month motorcycle trip through 13 countries.



13.  And....  all of the many movies saved by my darling teen-girl Samantha:

  • She's the Man (pay per view)
  • National Treasure
  • Eight Below (pay per view)
  • Garfield:  A Tail of Two (pay per view)
  • Stick it (pay per view)
  • A Cinderella Story
  • Love Potion No. 9
  • Freddy's Dead - The Final Nightmare
  • Lean on Me
  • Racing Stripes
  • Sixteen Candles
  • The Shining
  • 200 Cigarettes
  • Fantastic Four
  • Rumor has it (pay per view)
  • Bring it on - pt 2 - All or Nothing (pay per view)


Which ones do you watch?  What are your favorite shows?



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Wednesday, 27 September 2006
Thirteen Jobs for this weeks Thirteen Thursday!
Topic: 13 Thursday

1.     Ye Olde Mille Grille 


Hostess - My 1st job ever.  My mother & grandmother both worked as waitresses at this restaurant for many years.  I think my Nana worked there for over 20 years.  I spent many hours of my childhood at the restaurant between the two of them.  When I finally came "of age" to work, I jumped right in as their Hostess.  I also worked as a dishwasher if they were shorthanded.  I hated dishwashing, but it was cash money!   (The restaurant has long ago switched owners and it is apparently now called Liberty Grille)


2.     Villa Rosa Restaurant 

Busgirl - I moved in with my Dad during 9th grade and spent 2 years living with him in Milton Massachusetts.  After a year of submitting applications, I finally landed this job.  I was so happy to be working, not that it was a very enjoyable job. 


3.  Caldor's

Cashier - Sunday Only employee - When Massachusetts law changed so that stores were allowed to open on Sunday, this position opened up and I got it.  Caldor had to pay us time and a half for Sunday work, which I think is a long gone law.  Overall, I enjoyed cashiering.  Pricing was manually entered with a Dept code - there were no such thing as those Bar scan machines. 


4.  Fotomat Booth

Cashier - This was one of my all time favorite jobs!  I was all alone in a litle booth in the middle of a parking lot, taking film for developing.  I loved the freedom of working on my own!  I was also a teen, so needless to say most of the time my friends would be parked alongside my booth and if there wasn't someone parked than I was chit chatting on the phone.  Thinking back, I wonder how any of my customers got through to check if their pictures were ready.  Papa Gino's was in the strip mall and I ate dinner there almost every night. 


5.  Paragon Park

Game Attendant - Oh how I loved this job!  It was nothing but one long lasting party!  I ran the 50 cent skill games.  "Step right up and give it a try" - "50 cents to play and 50 cents to win"!  Many a gut party, after work!



6.  Al's Speghetti House  (Sorry - couldn't find a pic for this one)

Waitress - Friday & Saturday nights - 10PM - 2AM - Now that I'm thinking back, I had alot of fun in my younger years!  This one was Friday and Saturday nights, for the drunken crowd, eating breakfast, after a night of partying.  Interesting to say the least....  I made some pretty good money, especially if I was in a flirtatious mood.  I also got to know all of the Hull cops, most of whom frequented the restaurant to drink their coffee and get in their socializing.  My aunt once tipped me $30.00 for waiting on her and her friends. 

7.  Childcare (No pic with this either)

Actually I was more like a Nanny.  I watched five (5) small children for an on-site, homeschooling, local Floyd VA, business woman.  Her house sat high on a hill and I can't even begin to tell you how many times I hiked that hill with her baby son on my hip.  Now that was some exercise.... but back then I didn't need the exercise as much as I do now.  This was during the "729" days, during my first stay in VA.  I also worked PT as a waitress at the Pine Tavern (shown below).   

8.  Cinema in San Fran

Movie Theater Snack Bar Attendant - I spent 6 months in San Francisco with my father after I left Virginia.  The only real memorable part of this job was serving Jerry Garcia popcorn.  He was seeing Good Morning Vietnam, which will tell you how long ago this was.....


9.  Dearing Nursing Home

NA & CNA - I was so excited to get hired here.  I was part of a nursing team and finally had a job of some substance.  I started as Nursing Assistant (at the time they didn't require certification).  The law changed while I was employed and I did become a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) and actually was certified in both MA & FL.  I worked in various nursing homes for about 5-6 years, before finally getting burnt out. 


10.  Aunt Fannie's Truck Stop


Waitress - Yep.... back to waitressing.  When all else fails you can always fall back on waitressing.  This time I was working at a truck stop.  Another experience, in and of itself.  Ever hear of Ilene Wuornos?  She was a serial murderer who found her victims by accepting rides from truckers, some of which picked her up from this parking lot - or so it is told... 

Looking back, I think I remember her.



11.  Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Massachusetts & Virginia


Medical Claims Processor - My healthcare background led me into medical office work.  A good combination of both my interests.




12.  Various Office Positions

For the next ten years or so (wow has it been that long?) I have done many different things in the office world.  Most notably:  Sales & Marketing Administrator, Office Manager, Legal Secretary & Project Coordinator.  Needless to say, I'm very versatile and I know my shit!


13.  Current

Nope - Can't tell you where I work now... In case your a stalker!  Sorry.

I am currently in week 3 of 4 weeks of training as a Document Specialist for a Diabetic Supplier.  This position is very similar to my Claims Processing but it's from the other side of the spectrum.  I submit claims and make sure I have everything needed for insurance to pay on them.  I am really enjoying it, now that I'm further into the training.   

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Thursday, 14 September 2006
Thirteen Things Thinking.....
Topic: 13 Thursday


1.  My horoscope for today:  Aries - Below is your Aries horoscope
for September 14, 2006

You'll probably feel like saying whatever's on your mind right now, and not
everyone you have to deal with is likely to appreciate this. If you're
expected to do anything for anyone today, you're bound to make a few choice comments along the way. Some of your remarks could rub people the wrong way, and this could lead to a few conflicts if you're not careful.

2.  That probablly should have been yesterday's horoscope.

3.  For the record, I'm laughing today.  Not for any specific reason - nothing really has changed  (except maybe my brains chemicals / horomones).

4.  This is a good thing!  I hope it stays this way for awhile....

5.  I am happy that I did have the courage to post yesterday what I posted.  I was very hesitant but they were true feelings and I want my blog to be the truth - plain and simple and black and white.  Putting these feelings out there for the world to read was scary and I did have to re-write it a few times.  I calmed it down quite a bit from the original version.  I'll let you use your imagination....

6.  I just informed my daughter, who is currently soaking in a deep tub, that I was going to eat her Mr. Goodbar.  A loud shreiking "no...." echoed from the bathroom.  More laughter.

7.  Now we are arguing about whether I can use "her" shampoo and conditioner, Sunsilk, $4.00 a bottle.  (Does she even fathom the amount of money I have spent on shampoo & conditioner in her 12 years....)  Boy do I love the teen years!  Tears!     

8.  I mentioned yesterday that my job wasn't what I was accustomed to.  Actually I really do like it and I think it will work out just fine.  It's just that I'm not used to being in a corporate cubicle environment anymore.  The work itself, I think I'm going to love.  If I can just get a grip on being one of a "herd".

9.  We lost the 2nd kitten this morning.  He was curled up next to Sami and died in it's sleep.  Samantha buried him next to his sister. 

10.  We still have Ruby! 








11.  Someone very important to me recently said:   You seem to be having a hard time getting settled in this time.  I think it is sign that you need to stay rooted for awhile.  It is hard, but it too will work out.  It always does for you.    Now theres a thought....   Sometimes people on the outside can see and say just the right thing!

12.  I love my sisters.  Check out my Mom's week of 100 favorite things.  She started with me, her oldest, on Monday.  Tuesday was my sister Beth & Wednesday was my sister Molly.  They are great - along with my Mom's 13 about 100 Things!  

13.  As of Saturday I will be living here.  I won't believe it until it actually happens! 

You can see more pictures at this post! 

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Thursday, 31 August 2006
Thirteen Spins
Topic: 13 Thursday


My mother deleted her blog last week.  All her supporters chipped in and helped her to retrieve the posts, almost 400 of them, that she lost.  She has a new blog up now and will be weaving some of her previously posted and retrieved posts from her missing blog.  A Particularly Persistent Point of View - Take Two is now open for your reading pleasure.  Do check it out!


 We are getting some big-time rain this weekend from Tropical Storm Ernesto.  I am one of the few people that love rain and storms and am looking forward to it!  The stormier, the better!


Reality based television shows are one of my favorite things.  I look forward to Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sunday's so I can watch Big Brother.  I also am watching Rockstar Supernova and am looking forward to the new season of Survivor, beginning in September!


I enjoy playing Blog games at Michele's.  Do you?


I also enjoy doing Thirteen Thursday.  But.... I can't, for the life of me, figure out how to get the Thirteen Thursday Blogroll up on my sidebar.  That's Tripod for you.


I am getting so very tired of paying so much for gas!


Becky and I looked back on some old picture albums the other night.  One of the books we looked through was when we moved to Virginia to live with Colleen.  We were 19 years young, and pretty cute too!  Where has the time gone?


I wish there was a way to time hop backwards!


This book is on my bedside.  It was a little slow to get into, but is becoming a page turner.  What are you reading?



My Family has an email group that we call the Love-Link.  We are able to talk to eachother, via email, in group fashion.  Some days I might only get 4 or 5 messages and other days I might find 50 messages waiting!  The nice thing about it is that it's always there when you need it!  


It's the 5-year Anniversay of some sad moments for our family.  Jim and Danny's deaths and also 911.  But it's also the Love-Link's 5 year anniversary.  As I write this message # 30,129 has just popped into my in-box!


Message #30126 on the Love-Link was a message from my cousin Rachael.  She wanted to share her sister Danielle's portfolio.  She is VERY GOOD.  I had no idea!   


Labor day weekend is about here.  The summer has come and gone with a blink of an eye - Again!


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Thursday, 3 August 2006
Thirteen Things Cold
Topic: 13 Thursday

1.     Cold Beer


 Here's to hoping your keeping cool!






2.      Cold Day







3.     Cold Clouds

HOBART, Australia - Some of the coldest temperatures on Earth brought a rare cloud formation to the skies over Antarctica, scientists said Tuesday. Meteorological officer Renae Baker captured spectacular images of the nacreous clouds, also known as polar stratospheric clouds, last week at Australia's Mawson station in Antarctica.

The clouds only occur at high polar latitudes in winter, requiring temperatures less than minus 176 degrees Fahrenheit. A weather balloon measured temperatures at minus 189 degrees Fahrenheit on the day the photos were taken.


4.     Cold Flakes








5.     Cold Case

One of my favorite television shows!  I love all things reality & all things true crime!



6.     Cold Pizza


Care to join me, anyone?




7.      Cold Castles

Sandcastle contest builds on creativity
in Rehoboth Beach

The Rehoboth Beach-Dewey Beach Chamber of Commerce is pleased to host the 28th annual Sandcastle Contest Saturday, Aug. 5. The contest will be held at Fisherman’s Beach at the north end of the Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk. It is open to both adults and children. Registration begins at 8:30 a.m. Judging begins at 3 p.m.

This year they have created a category strictly dedicated to Summer Snowmen. Practice construction talents early and create a Snowman of Sand. All of the same rules apply as in the other categories, except props, like hats, buttons, sunglasses etc. are allowed! The top three entries in this category will receive prizes. The winning snowman may even be used in Rehoboth Beach-Dewey Beach Chamber of Commerce winter promo pictures!



8.     Cold Cubes









 9.     Cold Cash












10.     Cold Front

Cold front brings South Africa snow

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, Aug. 3 (UPI) -- A rare cold front has brought Johannesburg and other regions in South Africa their first snowfall since 1988. The snow, which only lasted about an hour, did not cause any accumulation on the ground, the Johannesburg News Agency reported Thursday. "This is by all means rare," said Kevin Rae, assistant manager of forecasting at the South Africa Weather Service. He said the snow, which was also reported in Carltonville, Westonaria and Soweto, followed similar occurrences at the same time of year in 1981 and 1988. Rae said the cold front, brought by high winds Tuesday, teamed with "moisture and instability" in the air to create the light flakes that sprinkled down on the cities. The lowest temperature recorded during the snow was about 34 degrees. The weather service said additional snowfalls are expected over the "eastern high grounds of the Western Cape, Lesotho, southern Drakensberg as well as the Eastern Cape high ground where it will be heavy in places."


11.  Cold Dog


Oops.....  I meant to say "chili"







12.       Cold Hearted




Note: picture of several hundred American war casualties courtesy of

& stolen from my Mom's July 4th entry:










13.      Cold Cream




And this....  Dear Readers..... is your dessert!


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Thursday, 27 July 2006
Thirteen Questions I thought to ask this week!
Topic: 13 Thursday

1.    Do you like speghetti, milk & butter or Tomatoe soup & noodles?  I could eat pasta at everymeal and be happy!

2.    Have you ever even heard of tomatoe soup & noodles?  It's been in my family for awhile - don't know if it's just us or if others eat it too!

3.    What is your favorite type of pasta dish?   

4.    Do you hate someone to drive behind you at night?  This is one of my worst pet-peeves.  

5.    If so, do you pull over to let them pass?   I always do.

6.  What difference does a day make?  Good question

7. Do you sleep through the night or wake up periodically?  I wake at least every hour.

8.  Ever had a brush with the law?  Pleading the 5th

9.  If you have, would you admit it?  No 

10.  Do you comment back to your commenters?  I recently started doing this but haven't been consistent.

11.  Do visit the commenters blog after they post a comment?  I recently started doing this but haven't been consistent.

12.   What is your favorite Blog?  I couldn't pick just one!

13.  Have you ever had poison ivy?  My daughter has it really bad!  So bad that I almost took her to the emergency room.  She went to her Dad's and apparently they were climbing tree's.  Sami didn't know that poison ivy likes to climb tree's too.  She does now! 


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Thursday, 20 July 2006
13 Things I love - in no particular order
Topic: 13 Thursday

1.    My daughter - Samantha - who truly has her own personality, and is growing into a wonderful little woman - (at times I'd like to jump to her 20's though.  I can tell the teen years aren't going to be easy!) 

2.    A terrific thunderstorm

3.    A mountain breeze following a thunderstorm, which I can feel right now and it feels just great!

4.    My cross-stictch - my creations

5.    My three sisters - Molly, Beth & Kim and all the babies they have created so far and will in the future.  

6.    My parents - Mom, Oz & Dad

7.    The rest of my gigantic family - Nana & Papa, Jimmy, Kathy, Colleen, Danny, Sherry, Joey, Johnny, Bobby & Tricia - and all of their offspring! 

8.    Life-long friends - you know who you are!

9.    Any Seafood - I best not think of this right now as I am hungry and could really go for a bowl of shrimp or a lobster dinner!  Actually I love food of all kinds.... 

10.  Creating my Blog - more creation

11.  Places I'm attached to - Massachusetts & Floyd - oceans & mountains

12.  Ruby - our German Shepherd - even if she can be quite the pain at times.  Like right now.... she is carrying things off in her mouth and hiding them in one of the bedrooms. 

13.  Getting comments - so please leave me one if you visit!


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Thursday, 13 July 2006
13 Things I'd Rather be doing than leaving for work in 1 hour and 15 minutes
Topic: 13 Thursday


1. Working a day shift job, I'm really not liking this 3-11 shift much at all. I stay awake too late after work and end up sleeping through my mornings.

2. Going to Bottom Creek or Thunderstruck and swimming in the mountain water! It sure is a hot & muggy day today!

3. Enjoying a vacation in Massachusetts, like my friend Becky

4. Reading the comments on my blog entry about Dylan's wedding, but unfortunately I can't because although I know there are comments there, the "View Comments" link will not show up.... Tripod has been having problems with comments for about a month now. After a week of going back and forth with them about this, here was my response to my issue: Thank you for notifying us of the troubles you're having. Our engineering team is currently evaluating the root cause of the issue that you're experiencing, and will hopefully have it resolved as soon as possible. We ask you to remain patient during this time, and hope to have it resolved very shortly. That is the most "canned" response I've ever gotten.

5. Cross-stitching & Watching my favorite televisions shows.

6. Sending resumes for a new job, which I plan to do, if i ever get the time to sit down and look.

7. Looking for a house for rent, which I also plan to do, if I ever get the time to sit down and look.

8. Mowing the lawn on the rider, one of my favorite things, and the lawn is needing it too.

9. Having a Hula Hoop contest!

10. Reading other 13 Thursdays, including my Mom's, her first one!

11. Reading my book. I haven't really gotten into a good book in a long time. I usually fall asleep before I get finished with a page. But this one is great, it's The Cell, by Stephen King.

12. Shopping, always fun, if I had any money that is!

13. Thinking of more things I'd rather be doing....

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Thursday, 29 June 2006
Thirteen Random Thoughts
Topic: 13 Thursday

1. It's been a long time since I've done a TT.

2. It's already 10 pm, so chances are I won't get a chance to visit many this time... which to me is the fun of it!

3. Has anyone been watching the new show Windfall - it's about a bunch of people who went in on a lottery ticket and won! It's a great show! Is on right now. I watched it last week too and am already addicted!

4. Here is my horoscope for today: Aries: If you've been toying at all with the idea of doing something creative or artistic, this would probably be a good time to start doing something about it. And if you find yourself feeling a little frustrated, you might want to take some time to examine a few of your friendships and romantic arrangements right now.

5. I randomly shot some pictures w/my cell phone on the way down the Blue Ridge Parkway this afternoon. I stuck my arm out the window, while driving, and just snapped away. The photo's, which came out rather cool are posted as #'s 6 - 9. 6.





10. So.... aren't those pictures really cool?

11. I am off of work on July 4th! I thought I was going to have to work, being a newby and all, but it just so happens to be my scheduled day off!

12. Only two more random thoughts to come up with.

13. Here's a funny, but true, thought. My daughter is taking a vacation from her vacation. She is going to Maine for the 4th of July weekend with a friend of hers family.

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